How inaccurate background checks ruin innocent lives while screening companies make $ millions.


Book Summary

Inaccurate background screenings have a negative and lasting impact on innocent people who depend on corporate entities to have integrity.

Over 100 background screening companies have been sued successfully for violating federal laws by applicants who have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. You will learn the identities of the top-tier background screening companies who have been major violators of federal law.

Seventy-five of the Fortune 1000 companies have also been sued for violating the same federal laws in concert with background screening companies–their identities along with summaries of the successful lawsuits that resulted in mullions of dollars in damages and fines are presented in a comprehensive format.

An NFL owners private company paid $15 million to settle a 588,000 member FCRA class action lawsuit.

Secrets of the Background Screening Companies

They use illegal authorization forms that release screening companies and corporations from any liability

for errors they make screening applicants.

They fail to give applicants an opportunity to challenge erroneous information contained in an inaccurate background report.

They brand innocent applicants as sex offenders, drug dealers and other criminals.

They fail to provide an FCRA approved disclosure form advising an applicant that a background check will be conducted.

They use instant background checks utilizing "contemporaneous notification," a federal violation.

They fail or refuse to provide a background screening report to an applicant.

They use automated," adjudication applicant hiring processes" that often result in branding applicants as criminals.

They use algorithms as a shortcut to getting accurate search results.

Applicants for tenancy, employment or volunteer organizations that do background screening.

Applicants that have been denied employment or tenancy. Property Managers,Condominium Managers, Homeowner Association Managers, Human Resource Managers, Corporate Managers, Automobile Dealers, Manufactures, Distribution and Warehouse Facilities and any other entity involved with or conducting background screening.

With over one hundred background screening companies that have been sued, as well as thousands of companies for violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Consumers need to know their rights under the FCRA. Often times applicants are not provided proper forms as required by law in addition to being denied background reports that formed the basis for rejection of employment or tenancy.

Companies and organizations need to know the requirements needed for lawful background in order to avoid costly lawsuits.

The background screening company that employers... hire to screen you can literally ruin your life.


“This is a must-read by anyone who plans on applying for employment or to buy or rent a home or apartment and will have to undergo a background screening. The background screening company that employers, homeowners and apartment complexes hire to screen you can literally ruin your life. This book will blow your mind on what’s happening!!”

- Edith Collins

More Testimonials

“A page turner! The purpose of a background screening is to allow employers or landlords to get a more complete picture of a candidate, but are they accurate? The author has done a great job of exposing the pitfalls of utilizing a company that incorporates shortcuts and mismatches innocent candidates with criminals.”

“Hank Balevic is a phenomenal investigator, factfinder and truth provider. His chapter about Patti Butler is a harrowing one and will drag your soul into a smothering pit of dark reality and terror.”

“Don’t apply for a job or to rent a home without first reading this amazing book by Hank Balevic. It can’t only change your life—it could save it!”

Alton Mitchell

Sarah Gates

Dana Benson

“The author has brilliantly explained the lawsuits filed against background screening companies with such care and compassion for the victims that you can feel their frustration and anguish. Taking the reader through the harsh reality of judicial delays is an eye-opener.”

“Don’t quit your current job or move out of your current apartment till you’ve read Corporate Greed!”

“Hank Balevic’s new book is engrossing, exciting, enlightening and a horrifying look at what big companies are doing to destroy people’s lives.”

Susan Blake

Wynona Talbert

Patty Callahan

Hank Balevic is a former FBI Special Agent and Director of Corporate Security. Hank learned background screening the correct way, by conducting extensive FBI investigations involving cabinet level and judicial appointees. After his service with the FBI, he became aware of the unlawful applicant background screening procedures being used by many companies. He observed branding innocent applicants as criminals, use of illegal authorization forms, and reporting false criminal records.. As a result of the incompetent procedures, consumer reports were generated based on bogus information, which resulted in applicants being denied employment and tenancy. Appalled by his observations, he founded Fidelity Data Service, a background screening company dedicated to scrupulous compliance with the law and meticulous review of all criminal and background records.

Hank is a member of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI and is a licensed Florida private investigator. He is a Navy veteran and holds a bachelors degree in economics.

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